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What I Have Found That Has Helped Me Getting A 6 Pack
Friday, 12 June 2009
What I Have Found That Has Helped Me Getting A 6 Pack
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What I Have Found That Has Helped Me Getting A 6 Pack

I know how it is to walk around with thoughts like 'I want 6 pack' only to keep struggling with actually obtaining them. Read here my story to find out what I did.

I understand how difficult it can be to grow 6 pack abs, and to question if I'll ever get abs, it feltimpossible for me... I worked out each day and night, followed a perfect diet, take supplements, read articles and forums and numerous other techniques of getting a 6 pack, many a time I would see myself bulk-up a little just to lose any proof of a six pack a month after.

To get to the point, the past 4 months I dropped sixty pounds and I now have solid 6 pack abs. Besides I feel compelled to show you how I did it.

Before we set out, thanks to Mike Geary's (Certified Nourishment Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer) coaching program I get been able to grow 6 pack abs and I've been able to keep them. I read his book and personally followed the program called "The Truth About Abs" which aided me to achieve a good weight relative to brawn and improve my self esteem more than I always envisioned!

When trying out The Truth About Abs, you even acquire 7 bonuses for free!

You guessed it, that was me!

The photo above was shot four months ago….

Before I share with you my story I'm quickly going to tell you what "The Truth About Abs" is about, what it teaches and what answers you can expect that led me to a 6 pack I haven't had since I worked out during my beginning years in high school!

With 15 methods included on how to boost your metabolic process, it provides more than necessary to burn fat way quicker.

You'll identify in The Truth About Abs foods that are viewed as healthy, but in reality increases you weight.

The Truth About Abs aided me.. someone who has been distressed to get his abdomen flat, grow strong abs and burn the fat unlike anything I attempted before, it's that good!

An incredible natural diet is laid down by The Turth About Abs program and what's more, there is no need for any additional pricey supplements!

What's more is that you grow seven useful bonuses for free from this website.

Wow.. if what I said up until now sounds like a sales pitch for The Truth About Abs... sorry! I remember how long I had been researching for this form of info, so I'm passing along my recommendation with the hopes that it will help you too.

Back in the day when I was 19 when I played a lot of sports and I had a solid six pack. I was well build and felt genuinely confident, something the girls observed as well.After high school I would hold onto the same diet but I exercised not even half as often!

My life became increasingly busy, while not being aware of my incessantly expanding abdomen. I got on with my carreer until I just had to face how large my abdomen had become!

I began to commit my time in figuring out how to reverse it...Another 6 years later, I stopped trying to lose weight and to grow a 6 pack! I said to myself... it's fine to get a beer belly...but it sucked, I hated to see the never-disappearing fat and I was just uncomfortable in my own body.

During these past years I attempted all kinds of ways to get rid of the fat. I went as far as buying one of those heating belts that are supposed to just melt the fat away.

There was no use motivating myself all the time or saying to myself "THIS IS THE DAY, I WANT 6 PACK ABS" and completely commiting myself to grow a 6 pack again. At times my muscles begun to show through, but I could never take off the fat on top of it!

This all changed when Donovan, my bro's buddy contacted me. Donovan is a certified fitness trainer from America and he recommended me to follow the Truth About Abs program and to follow exactly the directions.

Donovan has become a fitness trainer thanks to the fact that he got such good results with the program and now he recommends it to anyone who is serious about losing weight and getting a 6 pack. When he contacted me he tolled me about the program and what results I could expect, I was genuinely excited!

I went to Google and looked for the sales page for The Truth About Abs and found that I'll get seven bonuses along with the main program.I thought, ah why not, it has a sixty days no questions asked, money back guarantee.. I'll give it a shot. So in short I downloaded the ebook and began to follow the program to a T.

When I started and lost weight, I did however start to question why I wasn't seeing my abs coming through and if it was just to fabulous to be true. Nonetheless I stayed unrelenting and soon enough I started to see my abs coming through twelve weeks after taking The Truth About Abs program which made me feel a lot more confident about myself.

I used other intensive exercises and I made major changes to my diet, so I'm positive it's the program's methodology that has assisted me achieve these great results.

The first thing I did was call Donovan up to tell him that the program was working for me! Suprisingly he got so excited about it that he asked me if he could edit my webiste and it's links so that anyone who is willing to try out The Truth About Abs program will get Donovan's new fitness training eBook and audio book for FREE! A download link to Donovan's program The Secret To Firmer Flatter Abs will be send through a one-time e-mail to your e-mail adress!

I managed to lose 12 pounds the month I set out and lost 10-17 pounds from that point on for 4 months now. I get solid 6 pack abs and I feel good and vigorous, also I grow more peeks from the ladies once again.

If you are serious about getting 6 pack abs, just try out The Truth About Abs program and enjoy your 6 pack!

Click Here to check out the Truth About Abs program that helped me at getting a 6 pack.

Posted by russelriddle33 at 4:46 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 12 June 2009 7:18 PM EDT
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