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The Masters Gathering (of "The Secret") - The Masters, Gathering To Help You Achieve Your Goals
Wednesday, 7 January 2009
The Masters Gathering (of "The Secret") - The Masters, Gathering To Help You Achieve Your Goals
Welcome to the information area of The Masters Gathering.

Don’t miss out on this information of The Masters Gathering.

Personal Transformation is an important item to you.
The fact that you found this page is the proof of my statement.

Personal transformation is a difficult quest. Your mindset has to be right. There is only one person who can achieve this transformation: YOU!. For this you'll need good guidance, done by people who have been where you are and know how to explain in your 'language', so that you are capable to understand what to change.

And that is exactly what 'The Masters Gathering' is all about; experts who have walked the talk and have gathered in order to HELP YOU..

Here is a summary of who theses masters are:

T.Harv Eker:

From $0 to millions of dollars within 30 months. Mister Eker is convinced that with a right mindset you can accomplish everything in life. He knows what it is like to have no money at all. He was born without money within his family and had none after he had lost his millions once. After the second time he made a promise to himself: Eker vowed that should he ever acquire richness again, he would aid other people do the equivalent. That promise was not an empty promise; he is teaching people this now. At this moment, he owns the largest and rapidly growing seminar company in the world; Peak Potentials Training. So far he has reached about half a million individuals in order to try to help them with their quest in order to reach their goal of realizing financial freedom. Some of the books of Eker have become best-sellers; 'Secrets of the Millionaire Mind' and 'Speedwealth' are some examples of this. Some of his best seminars are 'The Millionaire Mind Intensive', 'Life Directions' and of course 'Train the trainer. He also developed the world-famous 'Enlightened Warrior Training'.

Jack Canfield:

Ascertain what you would like to achieve this yr, and then let Jack channelize you in reaching your goals by easy-to-apply steps and unparalleled life-planning instruments to get you wherever you prefer to be. Improve, study and report your advancement, and you will be called for to gather in person with Jack and additional excellent winners from around the globe! Mr. Canfield is a US motivational speaker and publisher. As a co-writer and creator of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' you can say he know what he's doing. This book became a serial of more than 125 titles, of which over 100 million copies have been published in more than 47 languages.

According to USA Today, Canfield and his publishing partner, Mark Victor Hansen, were the best-selling writers in the U.S.A. in 1997. He has worked as an instructor, a workshop facilitator, and a clinical psychologist.

Bob Proctor:

For 40 yrs, Bob Proctor has concentrated his entire schedule around aiding individuals achieve abundant existences of successfulness, reinforcing relationships and mental consciousness. Bob walked the talk himself as well. He knows what it is if you want and desire!. As a school drop-out, a very poor curriculum vitea with only jobs he quit and loads of debts; his future wasn't very bright!. One book "fell" in his hands - Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich - which embedded the seed of desire in Bob's brain. Months later and after reading a several other books published by Earl Nightingale, his world was completely different. In this twelvemonth period, he was earning more than hundred thousand dollars, and soon overstepped the $1 million label. Bob then went to Chicago to do work for his real-life master, Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant. Not too long after this he became the Vice President of Sales at Nightingale-Conant. This was the moment he started his own seminar company as well.

Bob knows how important it is to trust and to act upon your believes and desires. He travels the world and instructs 1000's of individuals to trust in and act upon your own ideas.

Bridge over the opening between where you're and where you prefer to go … You have to build a bridge between what you want and where you are....if may be the difference between what you know and what you do. You need to know what you want, Bob will show you how to achieve this.

Joe Vitale:

Hypnotherapist and bestselling writer, Joe Vitale, is CEO of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., an IM consulting company. Joe also appears in the docu-movie 'The Secret'. What makes Joe so special is the fact that Joe is very capable of combining spiritual wisdom with commercial knowledge. Short resume of Joe Vitale's achievements: * President of Hypnotic Marketing Institute * Spiritual Marketing bestselling book on the offline market. * Hypnotic writing - book published online became an instant best seller. * The Power of Outrageous Marketing - best selling audio set. * There's A Customer Born Every Minute * The Ecode:47 Secrets for Making Money Online * The Hypnotic Writing Wizard (Software that as if by magic writes your texts) * The 7 lost secrets of success, the sole book ever published on the advertising genius Bruce Barton! * The A.MA. Complete guide to small business advertising: The unique advertising challenges that can make or break your small business. * The greatest money making secret in history turns out to be to just give it away!. * Tape set with Nightingale-Conant * Doctors degree in Metaphysical Science * Certified Hypnotherapist * Chun Kung Healer

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartine is an expert in the area of human behavior. He also is a teacher/instructor. He publishes and is the founder of the Demartini Institute. This institute is a private research and instructioning institute. Their main focus is the empowerment of the spiritual souls of individuals and metamorphosing micro and macro social kinetics. Dr. Demartini is committed to blowing up individual consciousness and potency in all marketplaces and social spheres and travels over 360 days a year to over fifty-six nations to share his knowledge and findings across the world. He has composed over 40 books and appeared in many regional, national and worldwide radio, TV and published interviews as well as appeared in motion picture documentary film such as The Secret and The Opus. Dr Demartini has shared the stage with celebrated speakers such as Steven Covey, Donald Trump and Deepak Chopra. Dr. Demartini been a featured guest on CNN's Larry King Live, CBS’s The Early Show, PBS’s This is America with Dennis Wholey, CNBC’s Alive and Wellness, Good Morning Australia, Carte Blanche, 3 Talk, and Voice of America amidst a lot of others. Dr. Demartini is the founder of The Demartini Method®, a radical new instrument in individual transformation and empowerment that's being applied by many psychologists, professional and personal coaches, caseworkers and health pros across the Earth.

Bob Doyle

(Born June 19, 1936 in Fall River Massachusetts) is a man of science, discoverer, and philosopher. Bob is the founder of Boundless Living. A company that focuses on instructional personal developments as long as this is centered on the theory of the law of attraction. In addition to apparently around-the-clock publishing, Bob also spends time pursuing his passions of musical composition, working out, and large-scale goofing around loving Life. He highly advocates goofing whenever and wherever you can!.

David Wolfe

On a annual basis David hosts about 80 wellness, remedial and beauty workshops. David owns the 'Fruit Tree Planting Foundation' company. He lives in San Diego, USA.

Loral Langemeier

is the writer of the best-seller 'The Millionaire maker' and 'The millionaire maker's guide to wealth cycle investing'. A team-made millionaire and financial strategist, she's as well a highly desired speaker and the originator of Live Out Loud, a training and seminar firm that instructs her trademarked Wealth Cycle program (

Ben Johnson

Ben is the originator of Dr. Ben Johnson Services. His business is an advocate of using products for natural healthcare. As a complementary oncology specialist, dr. Johnson is in frequent contact with several patients and other healthcare specialists around the world. Dr. Ben also featured in the popular docu-movie and book 'The Secret'. Besides of this motion picture debut, Dr. Johnson’s book The Secret of health: Breast Wisdom was officially published lately by Morgan James Publishing. At this moment Dr. Johnson is finishing two additional books. He also was the co-originator of 'Thermography Limited, LLC with Stillpoint Associates, Inc.. This is a Chattanooga theromgraphy clinic.

John Assaraf

is among the experts seen in the motion picture and book The Secret, which he aided launch into a global phenomenon. John also reached a very broad public due to his appearances in the Larry King Live show, the Ellen Degeneres show and many other media recourses he also appeared in.

Carol Kline

is a #1 New York Times bestselling writer and the joint author of 5 books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul serial.

Janet Bray Attwood

is cofounder of the internet magazine Healthy Wealthy n Wise and owner of Enlightened Alliances, a marketing consulting company. Janet has become a partner with Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen in order to realize the very successful program ' Enlightened Alliances. She is also a member as the originator of Jack Canfield's Transformational Leadership counsel. And she is an active member of Marshall Thurber's Positive Deviant Network.

Mary Morrissey

At the age of 16 Mary was dreaming of going to college and become an instructor. Before the year was over, she was a expecting mother and in haste wed teenager treated as an castaway by her equals. Eventually she achieved what she wanted as at this moment she is the mental leader of the 'Living Enrichment Center' in Wilsonville in Oregon. She helps more than 3000 people by her radio broadcast which she holds on a weekly basis. The situation she was in was the 'perfect' situation of giving up completely. She had reasons enough to give in. She had to fight life threatening illnesses and don't forget her troubles with money while raising 4 kids. Her mindset made it all possible. She didn't hesitate; she just wanted to become a dedicated minister and counselor. Mary has written a book, in which she demonstrates tha you as well can develop a 'focus where there is not one single thing, person or anything that can stand in the way of you doing something different than what you wish or want to achieve. What do you want in life? Are you seeking warm family relationships? To discover genuinely satisfying work? To cure and be good once again? Mary will show you the path to personal transformation when you can be specific about your ambition and desires.

Never before this many world-famous and recognized transformation experts and best-selling writers have come together in order to provide you with a blueprint and an exceptional only need to follow the path and you'll find that this is the best and complete life-changing transformational mentorship program ever!. We access great potency in The Masters Gathering. This is the ground we have utilised this chance to let you acquire the possible that lies in The Masters Gathering.

What do you get? The Masters Gathering is an a-b-c system. Step by step and no detail will be skipped. You'll also get many audio interviews with the celebs, video interviews, you'll receive online coaching and a 100+ page workbook to accompany this excellent course.

Don't forget that these masters have accumulated over a billion dollars in combined sales; they really are not looking for a product to produce crap!. They all want quality so that YOU are helped. Each of these masters have proven that they walk the talk. They also have proven that the marketplace love their product. And now, you have the opportunity to get a product where these masters have combined their strengths into one proven product.

Free Gifts:

I am so convinced about this product that I have gathered lots of extras for you. With these extras I am basically bribing you. I am so convinced about the quality of this product, so that I have gathered lots and lots of extras. I am able to give away loads of valuable gifts and giveaways. These are not the “usual suspects.” They are unique, provide actionable value, and feature notable Masters. I am sure you will lavish with gratitude when you receive these goodies. You will thank me, when you receive this free content. Guaranteed.

Some of the free give-away video's are from T.Harv Eker, John Assaraf, David Wolfe, Loral Langemeier, Bob Doyle and John Demartini.

I've gone even further. If you leave your details here now, I'll make sure that you will receive an avalanche of special videos on the masters. I have searched and found many videos on these masters. Many of them are very rare and special. But you will only attain these when you leave your details. Click the button in order to attain this immense amount of rare and special video's of all these masters.
With the closing of this step on The Masters Gathering around the corner, everything that can be told is to treasure what was learned and to hand this wisdom on to other people.

Posted by russelriddle33 at 9:28 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 3:17 PM EST
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